Windows 8 Consumer preview released on 29th February

The release of Windows 8 consumer preview on 29th February. Many tech enthusiasts around the world are waited for the Consumer preview version of Windows 8. In September 2011, Microsoft released the Developer preview version of Windows 8 operating system. Many people around the world downloaded and installed it on their systems. Microsoft got a huge positive response by introducing new features in Windows 8 operating system.

As per the speculations, there will be many changes in the new Windows 8 Consumer preview version. Some of the expected one’s are listed below.

Changes in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

1) Windows Live and Zune will be disappearing in the Consumer preview of Windows 8 OS.

2) Many applications which are introduced in the Developer preview will be abolished.

3) Some applications which are there in the Developer Preview will be renamed.

4) Applications like Windows Live Writer, Movie maker will be preinstalled in the Windows 8 Consumer preview version.

5) Zune music player and Zune Video player will become the normal Music and Video. Microsoft will replace the default Music and Video with Zune.

6) Windows Live mail will replace the Outlook.

7) Windows Live Calender, Live Photo Gallery will be Calender and Photos.

8) Skydrive will be preinstalled in Windows 8 Consumer preview.

By making few changes to the Developer preview, Microsoft want’s to make the things look simple.Though these are the speculations about Windows 8 Developer preview, one can get the exact information on Feb 29 2012, at the Windows 8 Developer preview conference.

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