UPSC Exam Pattern 2013-2014

We all know that UPSC (Union Public Services Commission) conducts examination for recruitment to the various posts in Central Government of India. UPSC conducts various examinations like Civil Services, Engineering Services etc. UPSC has recently announced Engineering Services Examination 2012 and we covered an article about the IES 2012 Examination pattern.

UPSC now plans to make some changes in the Exam pattern for the ‘main’ examination of the civil services. UPSC has succesfully introduced changes in the civil services (Preliminary) examination during the last year and is now planning to make changes to the ‘main’ examination of civil services. UPSC is likely to make some changes in the UPSC Exam pattern 2013 which would be conducted in the year 2013.

One experts panel has been constituted by UPSC to study and recommend changes to UPSC Exam Pattern 2013. The committee is expected to release the report of their study on UPSC Exam Pattern 2013 by early next year. The civil services examination conducted by UPSC is meant for selecting the candidates for various central services like IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS and many other services. The UPSC exam pattern consists of three stages which include ‘preliminary’, ‘main’, and the ‘interview’.

Changes in the UPSC Civil Services Exam pattern 2013-2014

UPSC has changed the pattern for ‘preliminary’ exam of civil services last year by adding ‘aptitude’ test and brought some small change in the ‘main’ exam last in 1993 where an additional paper of ‘essay’ was introduced.

The change in UPSC exam pattern which was introduced in the year 1993 did not serve the required purpose of selecting the right candidate. The UPSC officials feel that the existing pattern is inclined towards short listing the candidates who are good at their own subjects rather than having knowledge of general studies. That exam also does not test the candidate’s administrative and managerial capability.

Hence UPSC is planning to change the pattern of ‘main’ examination of civil services from the year 2013. The special committee working on making changes to UPSC Exam pattern 2013 will be taking into consideration, the recommendations of the second Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) on changes in civil services exam pattern. The ARC suggested that UPSC should keep two compulsory papers (general studies) and an essay paper for the ‘main’ exam. The ARC also suggested that there should not be any optional paper.

Now as per the changed UPSC Exam Pattern 2013, a candidate has to appear for two optional subjects ( two papers each), besides one paper of essay and two papers of general studies. It is very easy to get good marks in science/medicine or engineering papers than getting high scores in language papers. So the existing system judges the candidates unfairly.

Let us wait and see what could be the new changes in the UPSC Exam pattern 2013.

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