True Caller Hacked

Today’s biggest news is one of the biggest phone directory app in the word, known as ‘ TrueCaller’ has been hacked by Syrian electronic army. Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) is a hacktivist group. Today the hacking group announced this in the Twitter post. To give a proof of hacked database, the hacktivist group has posted an image that showed details of some users of the app. This is really a very big issue and could be threat to users of this app.

Syrian Electronic Army broke the news via a tweet saying, “Sorry @TrueCaller, we needed your database, thank you for it.” The hackers openly released TrueCaller’s database host ID, username and password via another tweet.

TrueCaller app is supported on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian platforms. This is a free app, that tells caller’s name if it is not saved in receiver’s phone memory. The app’s databases have access codes to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail accounts of millions of users globally. According to the reports, TrueCaller website went down for a while but is now back online. In June this year, TrueCaller announced that its user base has touched the 20-million mark, representing growth of 100% in a period of five months. It said that it has 1 million users in India in March.

The Syrian hacking collective revealed that it exploited the TrueCaller website as it is based on outdated Wordpress platform. And this website gave them access to the admin panel and which in turn gave access to the databse. Speaking to E Hacking News, the SEA hackers said that they have hacked into the phone directory’s servers and downloaded more than seven databases. The biggest database has data worth 450GB.

Because of this hacking, contact details of many users are now in hands of SEA.




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