List of Most Watched Hindi TV Serials in India

Now Let’s talk Something Funny!! Its not a joke… Seriously!!.. I am talking about Hindi Serials in India. I watch them with lot of fun Hindi  serials in India give a feeling on belonging to the characters of our serials, sometimes viewer get so much involved  with character  that sometimes  we even forget our true selves.  We can say that like in 2011, 2012 new serials were started, of which the most TV serials are oldest i.e. running since last few years on television shows and viewers are watching the serials with more attraction and curiosity knowing what could be the next happen in the serial??..

But we should not forget that Hindi serial just like fiction world and different from real life. And I will say even every movie in Hollywood or Bollywood all full of fiction created with mind-blowing ideas of writers and directors.

Every coin has 2 sides. But in all total Our Hindi cinema is entertaining  and sometimes raise important issue like that of SATYAMEV JAYATE.  However, TRP of any serial decides the Rank of that Serial.

Now I am mentioning some all time favorite serials that are listed below.

Most Watched And Top 10 Hindi TV Serials in India

  1. Satyamev Jayate -: Satyamev Jayate is now offline but Viewers are Eagerly waiting for then 2nd season of Satyamev  Jayate . This Serial raised many Public issues and got tremendous response from viewers.
  2. Kaun Banega CrorepatiKaun Banega Crorepati pupularly known as KBC, it is the reality show, which is has no introduction.  Our Big B Mr AMITABH BACHAN is hosting this reality show where viewers, audience and participants get chance to win money. Going  great with good TRP.  In 2012 KBC has started its 6th Version and the new registration of KBC 7 may process in 2013.
  3. Big Boss – Again a all time favorite Reality show Big Boss is back and will be on air from 6th October.   Salman Khan the tiger of our Bollywood will again be hosting Big Boss Season 6 with a French Beard. This time also good TRP Expected.
  4. Diya Aur Baati – Again Serial showing different Colours of Relations. A small town story where all family members of family face different situations sometimes of success and sometimes of failure. Every incident taught its viewers a  Moral.  Again a serial with Good TRP.
  5. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Ha- All time favorite of all age groups. Again a Serial showing our Indian Culture and shows  how the characters are still following our old rituals and love them and still happy to follow them. This serial also Encourages Hindu Joint Family where all family Members respect and love each others opinion. Again a great attempt.
  6. Balika Vadhu- Balika Vadhu is A Good serial again showing our Indian culture  where girls get married at the age of 12. This serial shows that how our culture changed. A good attempt by the makers with a message .
  7. Afsar Betia- It is Story of small town girl bought with a dream of becoming BDO of her Town. Luckily she succeeded after so many hurdles.  A good and inspiring serial for small town girls though it attract all kind of viewer’s due to its variety.
  8. Is Payar Ko Kya Naam De Hum – A love story that start with haltered and ends in love. In this we get a chance to see ups and downs in any relation.   Again a good effort of serial makers
  9. Chidia Ghar – Chidia Ghar is A good serial for those who want to use laughter therapy for their good and healthy mind. Full of enjoyment and laughter we get lot of chance to laugh. A gain a Good Attempt by serial makers
  10. CIDCID is a All time favorite of all age groups running successfully for more than ten years. CID if full of action and thriller and always ends with a moral for its viewers.

We hope that all the above mentioned TV serials are also you favorite and these serials will entertain all of us in 2013 and so on…..

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