Terrorist Activities And Terrorism in India

Terrorism in India

Terrorism is an act or activity emerges from the feeling of revenge, hatred and jealousy, done with the aim of disturbing the peace in the world.  The countries and organization who blame other countries and organization for their low economic growth due to wars and other activities, indulges in the highly punishable act of violence  to kill people and disturb the economy of the country is called as terrorism.  Terrorism is like an epidemic that has been speeded all over the world. There are various organizations formed with the aim to encourage terrorist activities all over the world within few decades.

In India our closest neighbor Pakistan is responsible for the encouraging terrorist activities in India.  Pakistan an important part of India separated from India during partition of India in two parts namely India and Pakistan. from that time inspite of increased in trade activities , playing  international games together Pakistan  still consider India as its  closest Enemy without any reason.   Due to jealousy, hatred and revenge Pakistan is encouraging and financing terrorist activities in India resulting in the bitter relations between two countries.  The important fact to be noticed is that the helpers of the terrorists who aim at spreading violence in country are supported by our own country people with the aim to earn little money.

Before blaming the terrorist from outside the India, our government should take necessary measures to keep a check on those people who encourage and help terrorist in India.

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