Poverty in India Statistics

Statistics of Poverty in India

From the begging of the world  and from  the very first day of  origin of the human species,  every human  being requires  to fulfill some basic necessities like food cloth  and shelter  to survive. When the basic necessities of a human being not fulfilled then we say that the person is living a life in poverty. Poverty is like deadly disease that is spread all over the world.  According to the survey of the World Bank about 1.30 billion of population from 7.50 billion total population of world lives below poverty line in which India and china are the main contributors.

Picture of Poverty in India

The natural resources of our planet are limited but the pressure of increasing population on the available resources is increasing and thus the available resources are becoming more expensive day by day and these results in poverty. Other than population, other factors are also responsible for poverty in world.  On the national level governments are responsible for the poverty in their countries.  Due to lack of efficient government policies, government is unable to eradicate poverty, Lack of illiteracy and employment also responsible for poverty. As if the person is not having good food, good education and good shelter then he won’t be able to earn living for himself and his family  and will be  trapped again  in vicious circle of poverty. Only the government of any country can remove poverty from its country by giving free food, good and hygienic shelter and good education so that an improved today can make a better tomorrow.

Causes of Poverty in India

     As I mentioned earlier India and china are the main contributors for poverty in the world. Poverty in India is due to scarcity of resources and efficient government policies, corruption, illiteracy.  Our Indian Government is failing to provide basic needs to almost 400 million Indian. The number is pretty big in compare to china.  However Indian government is taking measures to remove poverty from India but this is not sufficient.

In the presence of excessive corruption and self centered people the economic aid provided by government to remote areas unable to reach at right place the collective efforts of whole Indians can remove poverty from India.

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