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Looking for printable calender?  Want to download an print new year calender to stick on your Dining Hall?  Well, we are trying to provide some information about how you can get printable calender online.  Today, every thing is available on – online.  Calender, a very useful thing for checking days special, date special , tithi and all about festivals and holidays.   Calender is useful to remark the special days and to remind the events and all our memories.   Calenders useful to check tithi, festivals, holidays and a very very special date i.e. your birthday date.

Now everything is going online, so why not to print and keep soft copy of calender to remind our projects, important task and manage our work using task manager, online planning calenders etc.

There are varieties of tools available for online planning and work plan.  Calenders gives value to schedule our work and it also gives remind our to do list etc.    Now let us move to subject, how to get print soft copy of calender for 2014 year.  Not only for 2014, but you may event and manage your work for upcoming years too.

Every year, when it is ending that is after June July, we keep eye on new years and ofcourse new year celebrations year end celebration and makes new years plans.  Calenders makes an important role to do it all well.  At the time of year ending every one of us look for Calenders of next year to plan in well and advance and to check holiday specifically. There are various sources and websites which provides free calender templates using of which users can changes and apply it to desktop.   There are many famous calenders in India with different language and format.

We are providing with an example of one of the famous and most popular calender market which is Kalnirnay. .. .. Kalnirnay is one of the best selling and famous calender not only in India, but out side of India country too..   Kalnirnay is available in number of languages which majorly includes, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali languages.

How to Print free pdf Kalnirnay 2014

As we know, Kalnirnay is one of the famous and oldest calender in India which is available in various languages, how ever when we search in Google, top keywords found “kalnirnay 2014 in marathi pdf” followed by “kalnirnay 2014 in hindi pdf”. So that, we must say kalnirnay is most popular calender in Marathi App and hindi. But kalnirnay 2014 calender is also available in Gujarati, English languages.

Buy Kalnirnay 2014 Online

To download free kalnirnay 2014 pdf version, we can not found the legal way of free versions, however to buy kalnirnay 2014 online, visit official website of Kalnirnay calender and put your order. offers discount on Kalnirnay Calendar online shopping.

Last day, I was looking for the number of Calenders available in India in various language. There are number of calendars are found in Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam and Telugu language.

Marathi calenders - Kalnirnay, Mahalaxmi, Kaldarshika Calender
Hindi Calenders - Panchang
Gujarati Calenders - Tithi Toran
Sikh Calendar - Nanakshahi calender.

Mobile App Calenders: - Mobile app calenders, which are the applications tools for your smart phone mobiles, by downloading in your smart mobile phone, you can check calenders for number of years.  If you are looking for free App calenders, Android calenders, free PDF, downloadable, Ebook and printable calenders, then visit the official websites of the calenders and you may also know the holidays, fasts, feasts, festivals and religious occasions for 2014 online by using desktop calenders.

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