Exam Success Tips For SSC HSC Students

Dear students of SSC and HSC of Maharashtra, it is good news that the Time Table for SSC and HSC Exams for academic year are released well in advance by Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. This move has been taken by the Board in order to reduce the strain on the students.  From last few year board is announcing the time table of board examination including HSC, SSC board exams so that students can prepare the examination well to achieve good score in marks.  It was always a tension to the board students that when would be there exam and time table etc.   So that to overcome this situation board is now announcing the time table of SSC, HSC board in advance i.e. before starting their academic year.

How To Study SSC HSC Board Examinations

The SSC or HSC Exams are very important and you should score good marks in order to have a great professional life in future. So you should start preparing for the examination from now onwards and try to score as many marks as possible. The 2014 SSC and HSC Exams Time Table is also released by the Board.

Normally the SSC and HSC students have examination fear as these are the board exams. But if you are confident in yourself and prepare in a systematic manner, then the fear will not be there. Here are some success tips for SSC and HSC exams 2014.

Success tips for SSC / HSC Board Exams 2014

Every year lakhs of students appear for SSC and HSC exams in Maharashtra Board examinations. Writing good answers to the questions is an art which can boost your performance in SSC and HSC. Here are some success tips for SSC/HSC Board Exams 2014-15.

  • Start with your Best Question: We all know that first impression is the best impression. It is true for the SSC / HSC exams too. If the examiner gets a good first impression on your answer sheet, it will be in your favour. So you should take extra precaution while writing the first answer. Write the first answer without any mistakes. So select a question for which you know the answer very well as the first question. It is not necessary to write the answer in the order of questions.
  • Read the questions thoroughly and make sure you allot time for every answer and do not exceed the time limit for each answer
  • Write simple and good crisp answers. Write to the point and you need not exaggerate
  • Take full rest one day before the exam and have a good night sleep one day before the exam. Do not study anything that you do not know one day before exam
  • Do not get panic just one hour before the exam. It is better you stop reading the books one hour before exam and talk with friends and also you can medidate
  • Draw neat diagrams and attempt optional questions too
  • Study according to your style. For example if it is your habit to read in the mornings, then study in morning hours only even during exam period.
  • Always start with the answers that you can answer comfortably.
  • Recheck your paper perfectly before handing over to examiner

Follow the above success tips for SSC / HSC Exams 2014 and you will come out successfully with excellent marks.

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