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Purchasing Lottery Tickets is one of the popular and traditional program by which bumper winners life can change with big amount of money.   There are number of reputed and government sponsored Lotteries Schemes are run by state government on Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Special Days, Festivals like Dasara, Diwali offers bumper prizes.  Many of us test their luck by purchasing lotteries every day, week or on festivals and lucky winners whose numbers match with the series numbers draw results announced by the lottery sponsors.   There are many private lotteries which also offers of big amount of bumper prize.   There are also many schemes that offers online tickets and win prize.  In India, there are number of state Government have official lottery schemes for revenue purpose and the amount of such government lotteries is also fantastic with big amounts.   There are number of states which run government approved lottery schemes.  In this post, we are going to know about Maharashtra State Lottery.   Maharashtra state lottery is one of the famous offline lottery which offers seasonable and regular bumper prize lottery tickets schemes.   What are the Bumper prize given by Maharashtra state lottery?   When does Maharashtra state lottery tickets results declares?  How to purchase lottery tickets offline or online?   Where to check lottery tickets results online?   Lets know the solution of your questions related Maharashtra state lottery tickets and results.

Bumper Prize of Maharashtra Rajya Lottery

Maharashtra Rajya Lottery is one of the popular offline lottery scheme run by Government of Maharashtra state. The bumper prize of Maharashtra state lottery have various slab and in distributed in the number of schemes and lotteries tickets names. It is your choice which lottery ticket you should purchase and mostly on your luck that whether you could win that much prize!!

List of Maharashtra Rajya lottery results online

Here is the list of Maharashtra Rajya lottery tickets that offers good amount of bumper prize.  There are many other lotteries tickets run by Maharashtra State Lottery unit, we have given few name below.

Aakarshak Pushkaraj, Maharashtra Bhushan, Maharashtra Bhushan, Maharashtra Surabhi, Maharashtralaxmi (weekly) , Padmini (weekly) , Sagarlaxmi (weekly) , Vaibhalaxmi (weekly)

How to purchase Maharashtra Rajya Lottery tickets online?

Yet there is no facility to buy Maharashtra state lottery tickets online, how-ever you may check lottery tickets results online on the official web-portal of Government of Maharashtra state, for the tickets which you have purchased offline on authorized retailers stalls of lottery tickets.

How to Check Maharashtra Rajya Lottery Results online

Rajya lottery Results online :- It is very easy to check Maharashtra state lottery ticket results online. You just need to check official web-portal provided by web portal of Maharashtra state’s official website. Online results will be available on those port at evening time on the lucky draw date.

Offline Results of Maharashtra Rajya Lottery:- To check Maharashtra rajya lottery result offline, simply visit the retail stalls from where you have purchased and ask for the lottery results booklet/result card of the draw date printed on your lottery ticket. This booklets may be available on the next day of the lottery results.

Lottery Results in local news paper:- You may also check lottery results on the local newspaper which will be available on the next day of the lottery results.

Bumper Prize Winners of Maharashtra Rajya Lottery Tickets

Bumper prize lucky draw which is the most popular scheme of Maharashtra lotto tickets and it has bumper amount than the normal lucky draws. Other than Maharashtra Rajya Lottery Weekly prize, the Festival Special, Gudi Padwa, Diwali, 2013 New year special and Dasara Special tickets are included in the bumper prize list.

Official Address of Maharashtra state lottery

The Winners of the Maharashtra rajya lottery tickets have to contact office of Maharashtra state lottery personally to get your prize early without delaying the contact.

Official Address -
Directorate of Maharashtra State Lottery,

New Administrative Building, 8th Floor,
Hutatma Rajguru Chowk, Madam Cama road,
opposite Mantralay,
Mumbai – 400 032

Check Diwali Bumper Prize Results

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