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When present year is ending, we look for the next year plans.  Next year may plan need to check dates and days according to the dates and days, festivals we do plan for any functions or whatever like tour, exams, etc etc and many events.   For all these, we need to have Calender of new year and which can be available from the last 2-3 months  that is, November month of current year.    In this article we are talking some information about famous calender Kalnirnay which is available in most languages.   Let us know how to get Kalnirnay Marathi, Hindi and other languages calender.

Kalnirnay is a famous calender across the world with great sell of calenders, posters of every years calenders.  Kalnirnay is available in various languages.  If you are looking for Marathi famous Calender Kalnirnay online, and want to download free pdf copy of Marathi Calender Kalnirnay from the official website of Kalnirnay, then you have to check the review of official Kalnirnay calender website?  In this post, we have mentioned some details that tour on official website of Kalnirnay and know how to get free copy of Marathi’s famous calender for your desktop.

If you are Looking for Kalnirnay App for Android, iPhone, iPAD, and for your Smart Phones ?   Well Kalnirnay also has started to provide App for various Smart Phones including iPhone, Android featured phones and tablets.   Kalnirnay App for smart phones and android is available in Hindi, English, Marathi languages.   Kalnirnay App can be download from the official website of Kalnirnay.   Let us know more about Kalnirnay Calender’s official website how to get various versions of Kalnirnay.

2014 Kalnirnay Calender Review From Official Website

KALNIRNAY OFFICIAL WEBSITE – www.Kalnirnay.com is the official website of Kalnirnay Calender.  As per the information given on the official website about kalnirnay version language, the Kalnirnay Calender is available in English, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages.  Kalnirnay Publication is the World’s Largest Selling publication over 1,81,87,168 copies and hence kalnirnay group  become the top most authentic almanac maker which provides up-to-date information about India’s traditional festivities, auspicious tithis and culture.   Now let us know, what are the Kalnirnay products which makes kalnirnay top most Calmanac.


  • Kalnirnay Marathi Home Calmanac
  • Kalnirnay Hindi Home Calmanac
  • Kalnirnay Gujarathi Home Calmanac
  • Kalnirnay Tamil Home Calmanac
  • Kalnirnay Telugu Home Calmanac
  • Kalnirnay Kannada Home Calmanac
  • Kalnirnay Marathi Office Calmanac
  • Kalnirnay Hindi Desk Calmanac
  • Kalnirnay Hindi Car Calmanac
  • Kalnirnay English Office Calmanac
  • Kalnirnay English Office – Small
  • Kalnirnay English Desk Calmanac
  • Kalnirnay English Car Calmanac
  • Kalnirnay Gujarati Desk Calmanac
  • Kalnirnay Gujarati Car Calmanac
  • Kalnirnay Beauty
  • Kalnirnay Arogya
  • Kalnirnay Saundarya
  • Kalnirnay Swadishta
  • Kalnirnay App


  • Ask Kalnirnay
  • Janam Patrika
  • Kundali Matching
  • Muhurat

KALNIRNAY MONTHLY BHAVISHYA, which provides the monthly astro of all 12 Rashi

Kalnirnay is available on iPhone, Android mobiles i.e. now you can Get full version of Kalnirnay English Calmanac, Total Panchang  at your fingertips on your Smart Mobile Phone.  If you have Smart phone, then you may download free calender app which supports your smart phone operating system.

As per English Calender, first month is January.  January 2014 month calender page is the first page of every year Kalnirnay.   We may update our site with every month calender page with some details of festivals, holidays in this year etc.

There are 12 months in English CalenderJanuary, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

Images of every month calenders will be available on internet regularly in advance.

For more information about every month Kalnirnay 2014 visit our website - kalnirnay2014.in


As per the official information given on the Kalnirnay site, the address of Kalnirnay office is,

Sumangal Press Pvt. Ltd.,
G-8, MIDC cross road, ‘A’, near MIDC bus depot,
Andheri (E),
Mumbai – 4000093
Phone No : + 91-22-24134151

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