How to Track/Cancel order on FlipKart

Are you looking for the Best Online Shopping Ports to purchase various items and gadgets with quick service and less time of dispatch? Well, here I am sharing my recent experience with who have dispatched my items orders in less time through Indian Postal Service which I placed on Saturday evening and I received the booked order on coming Monday though it was Sunday in between the dispatch period, I received items in very early than I expected, and even through Indian Postal EMS service which is suppose to delay some times, but I was lucky that my orders received in less time.   Let me tell all about FlipKart Service Review

How to Buy Books or any other items from

If you do not know what is FlipKart, then you must visit, one stop portal where one can buy various items like Books, Mobiles, Cameras, Laptops, Fragrances, Watches, Games, Musical things, Home Appliances, Health and Beauty and many other gadgets and items.

Flipkart Payment Option: To order your items you will have the following options to complete your payments and place your order.

  • Cash on Delivery, a 30-day replacement policy
  • EMI Options
  • Free Shipping

The website has titled “® Online Shop – The Biggest Online Store.” which suppose to have a store having so many things and types, items.

FlipKart 30 Day Replacement Cash On Delivery: Replacement Guarantee also gives 30 Day Replacement Cash On Delivery that is, if you want to replace your items which is damaged or not in proper condition at the time or delivery or you may not like that item or the item is not the same which you ordered like that, flipkart may replace brand new item only if the ordering customer will contact Flipkart with in 30 Days as per  rules, conditions given on Flipkart website.

How to request for a Replacement of flipKart Items? 

If you want to cancel your FlipKart order, you may need to follow up the important steps given on the flipKart site which will help to cancel a placed order .  In order to follow up and to get replace your damaged or misplaced item the ordering customer may contact through the contact Us page given on flipkart website along with your email address, issue type and the details information about your items to the customer Care service center of FlipKart company.

My Experience with FlipKart;  It was my first ever order from which I used to purchase my career guidelines type books.  I placed my order on Saturday evening and was expected to receive my books up to coming Thursday as I received dispatch your order email on Monday clearly saying “You will receive your shipment in 4-6 working days. along with Postal EMS service which suppose very late than Ordinary Post.  Since it was rainy season, I forget my order and suppose to await up to Thursday   However, on Thursday morning, Postman called me on my cell that your parcel is arrived please come and get delivery.  However, I was not available at home and Post office is very close to my house, thus Postman himself come and deliver my order.     I ordered two books from, however FlipKart dispatch only one I dont know why they did this.  They already noted the same in email that one book is dispatched and one is pending.    I tried to find more about pending book order which was available, but yet to dispatch having the status “processing in 3 business days from Order Date”**

**I have update above lines of this post when I received the book from Flipkart.

[Finally I received the second Book after 4 days i.e. on next Saturday]

When I back to home, my Parents told me that your Parcel is delivered by the postman, which was already unpacked by them.   I slightly pick book along with the cover in which I found Invoice of delivered book along with all the Ordered Books Bills which was unexpected for me.   First time I found the full address of Flipkart company which is place at Dhanakwadi, Pune., from where I received Parcel to my destination place which is about 500 KM far.

I am Thankful of FlipKart Company for Quick Shipping and Service    Moreover, I also thanks to Postal’s quick Delivery which delay sometimes on important time.   My next curiosity was to check my EMS Track of my first book parcel, which was also updated until my order delivery that is up to my Post Office Place in the Article Tracking page redirected from my Order page.

Last but not least, my order was shipped at NO EXTRA COST i.e. order was dispatched for FREE!! :-)

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