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Are you searching for Land Records information that refers to your land 7/12 and other important information about your agricultural or non agricultural land located in Maharashtra?  We are providing some kind information to find the land records which is located in Maharashtra.   The information of land records can be search online now as the all land record registration can be search at the government portal of Maharashtra state.  The portal of MahaBhulekh which provides information about 7/12 land records online.

Now you can search details of land records in Maharashtra online. The Maharashtra Land Records department is at Pune and it is controlled by Director of Land Records and Settlement Commissioner.

The District Land records inspector handles this work at district level.

Now Maharashtra government has gone for digitization of the land records. All the record records in Maharashtra State are digitized and it is available online now.

How to Search Maharashtra Land Records online

You can get the details of the land records at the Official Land Records Website of Maharashtra called as MahaBhulekh.

Mahabhulekh 7/12 – Online portal for Maharashtra land records

Mahabhulekh is an online portal for Maharashtra Land Records. You can search and see the 7/12 land records online at this website.

Normally when you want buy a land, the first issue that you will face is the ownership of the land. So you need to know whether the person selling the land to you is the correct owner or not. Normally it is a very difficult issue earlier days. But now as the land records of Maharashtra are available online at the Official Land Records website of Maharashtra – MahaBhulekh, it is very easy to search land records.

Now you can search the land records of Maharashtra online free of cost. This is the most important step in solving uncertainty while purchasing land in Maharashtra.

Steps to Search Land Records in Maharashtra

Here are some important steps to check Land Records in the official Maharashtra Land Records website – Mahabhulekh.

  • First you need to visit the home page of MahaBhulekh. The URL of Maharashtra Land Records is at . Now you will see the home page of Mahabhulekh as shown below.
  • Now you need to select the District, Taluk and village for which you want to search the Land Records
  • So choose the District, Taluk and Village where you want to search the Land records. You need to enter the Survey number of the land you want to search. See the screen shot below.
  • You will get the information based on the query

Maharashtra Land records Official WebsiteMhabhulekh 7/12

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