How to prepare for SSC, HSC, IGCSE, IBDP, SSLC Examinations 2014

Hope exams are not making you much stressful. If it does, you can crack these exam tension busters by following certain tips and tricks to prepare examinations like SSC and HSC which are Maharashtra Board examinations. Even it applies to all other boards like IGCSE Cambridge, International Baccalaureate, Matric, SSLC etc too.

It’s dream of every student to pass and crack the final examination with a bang. But student doesn’t know how to do that. Here are few vital tips for you. Following are few major tips which you can follow and prepare for your SSC and HSC Exams. Let us see how to pass in SSC and HSC examination.

12 Tips to Prepare SSC, HSC, IGCSE, IBDP, SSLC Examinations

1. Read or revise with understanding at least one chapter of each subject everyday if you are well ahead of time. Else read few topics of all subjects daily.

2. Apart from your school study time, practice and solve number of problems in Maths and Science related questions daily for two-three hours.

3. Drink lots of water during a day and have some walnuts if you can afford with milk. Else peanuts also have these potentials to tickle your brain.

4. Do some physical exercise like jogging, cycling, swimming, running, playing in ground, kabaddi, kho-kho etc. It will keep your body sweating hence not burden on brain.

5. Complete your assignments or daily homework well before the submission. So you will keep upgrading yourselves through you master.

6. Do clear your doubts whenever you have through your teachers, parents or us.

7. Keep your body neat and clean while studying, it will make you fresh all the time.

8. Do solve at least three or five years past question papers. It will give you a sound practice for final examination and the types of questions asked in exams.

9. Have some time to help your parents, brothers, sisters and friends. Talking and chatting for half an hour is a tool to get energized before study. But remember to stick to chat just less than half an our only.

10. Do give a gap of 15 minutes – 20 minutes during your study hours.

11. If you are following your own time table, do stick to that. Else follow your teacher’s suggestions.

12. Offer your prayers to your GOD for 5-10 minutes, not praying GOD to pass you but to give you strength to study well.

We have seen thousands of students who are topper in exams have followed this routine and became successful. They came up with flying colors. If you really want to be successfully crack the SSC or HSC examinations. I would highly recommend following the above tips during your first week of grade-9 onward. If you are in SSC or HSC final year then it’s mandatory to follow the above tips. Hope you all can easily score much better in final exams.

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Do your duty and rest will be assured!

Keep learning.

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